After a long long time I went back to making paper flowers. I remember when I was new to crafting and started to read blogs online I came across the famous blogger Lia Griffith. I was amazed with the kind of work she did and how pretty all of it looked. One would look at it and wonder is that really made by hand, how is it even possible?

I then began following her tutorials on paper flowers. I learnt a few new techniques which I didn’t know existed. Anyways, paper roses were my all time favourites out of all the flowers she made. Back then I used to religiously practise making flowers due to which I got decently good at it. In the months thereafter I had to temporarily shift base to a different city which reduced my craft supplies to a basic minimum. I could only travel with quilling supplies which were the lightest to travel with. Flower making came to a halt for a few months.


Now after the long wait and getting bored of quilling I thought of making paper flowers again. The need for a decorative vase arose when we had to host dinner at our new temporary house. Hence I came up with the idea of a decorative vase. I actually kept a candle inside to lighten up our dinner table.



Some days one wants to stick to simple crafting and simple designs. I really wanted to make something cute and sophisticated with not so much of intricacy. Sticking to a single color of choice for the complete design is my typical style of working and this particular project allowed me to work on the same line.

The color blue somehow gives out a very classy impression and I love using it in my quilling projects. As is evident from the pictures the card is very simple made with a single technique of quilling but that I feel is beautiful in its own sense.

Normally I would have stuck to the standard white/cream base which gives it a very subtle look but this time I decided to try something contrasting for the base color. Peach suited well to the overall look and so I completed my project by sticking these flowers overlapping each other on the peach base. Hope you all like it 😀


IMG_0384 (1)IMG_6902 (1)

Making roses out of quilling has always been one of my craft agendas but could never muster the courage to make use of needles/pins to form a design like this. But this time for this challenge I had assigned myself this particular project for this day thinking that I’d see how it goes. I know it isn’t that difficult a task for many experienced quillers but for me it was a different technique than usual. Eventually it turned out pretty good according to me, maybe not the best.

IMG_4834 (1)

My way of finding out was to ask my husband what does it look like to him? I showed him this project late evening and his reply was “looks like some flower”..Hmm so atleast it looked like a flower to him if not a rose. My initial response to him  was doesn’t it look like a rose to you and he blatantly said no. Saddened, I asked why and he felt the arrangement wasn’t that “rose like”,,lol.  I then showed him the actual picture which I was using for inspiration and then he rightly pointed out the flaws in my execution as opposed to what we saw in the actual pic. I tried incorporating the same points of correction in the second “flower”- the darker one . All in all I was happy with the result ..How do you guys like it?



IMG_0129This is one of my favourite things to do. I always always have loved glorifying my things of use. It could be anything right from my wallet to pocket diary to my work instruments. It could be as simple as attaching a bow to my xacto or the scissors. It makes my belongings more personal adding a touch of cuteness.

With the increase of online applications these days, use of pen and diary has surely become limited but in my life the use of a diary/notebook still exists. I love penning down and planning all of weeks craft projects with little notes mentioning the specifics of the project or notes about things to add or delete from that set project. I also pen down the name of recipes which I find suddenly online and feel like trying out later (yeah I know one could bookmark it . This is how I like it.

The ironic thing is I don’t like buying fancy looking diaries or notebooks with preset weekly/monthly/daily templates for jotting down tasks. It’s a total no no for me. I like the freedom of being able to make bubbles, arrows up and down , horizontal notes in the tiniest available corner left empty on that page. For me it gets very boring to right in those boxes made for each day and time.


So yeah coming to the point this notebook was one such notebook that I use for scribbling around my tasks and feelings at times. Like always I used my all time favourite DSP’s (Designer Series Paper) which I think have changed the world for me. I use their beautiful prints everywhere right from decorating the house walls to making cards . Here, I simply covered my diary with this bright yellow colored paper and then added some handmade yellow (a different shade) colored flowers on top. How awesome a feeling it is to be able to make your prefered style of blossoms in the size you want in the color you want. Sometimes it gets as easy as just taking a few petals, squishing them together and gluing them on top of each other and you’re done. How cool is that. Flowers made in such a fashion look prettier than other  neatly cut and stuck ones. I am sure a lot of other crafters would agree with me on this.



It had been a few days since I quilled and the urge to get back to the same old same old was only increasing. Now this time I knew that I wanted to improve on a previously made design. But then again doing it in a days time or I’d say probably in few hours since there are other things to finish as well in the same day was seeming to be tough.

I wanted to make the improved design so badly that I decided to still go ahead and try it. Flowers on the twigs/branches making a centrepiece was what I did last time. Only that it felt a little incomplete with lesser no of flowers and buds. So here I wanted to give it a denser look with almost a similar arrangement.

I decided to use 5mm strips instead of 3 to be able to make bigger sized flowers made some extra buds here and there and added some greenery. A much better projection this time. Strangely I am still in the mood to try an even bigger and denser version of this. It surely isn’t possible during the challenge since it will need more working hours. But yeah added to the to-do’s of craft.


Being the third day of the challenge, reality had started to hit me hard wherein I realised its not as easy and exciting as it felt at the start of the challenge. It was not because of the hardwork one had to put into it because as a crafter I don’t think working with paper will ever cease to make me happy. The reality in this case was lack of newer and interesting ideas to work on.

Yes ofcourse pinterest,google, youtube are always at the rescue but what happens if you want to come up with your own idea and for some insane reason you feel that creativity should only come from the mind without any other source of help. Yeah I do get super pumped up some days of my life without understanding the consequences of my over enthusiasm. lol.


This project is a result of the above stream of emotions. I wanted to make something exclusive but could not produce what I had pictured after all. No issues I guess. Cming to the project it is a simple wavy kinda spiral rose card. The reason I am not shying away from showcasing it here is because I feel I did manage to produce something by the end of the day and did not quit.


Another quilling project but a different one this time. Feeling the need to convert the use of quilling into a product which is somewhat more functional or decorative rather than just sticking flowers on top of paper/card led me to making this. I was constantly searching for that one idea which would inspire me to make something different. Finally the idea came and being a person who loves decorating the home this idea suited perfectly to my needs.

A centre piece with the use of real twigs/branches whatever you may call it. The idea was brilliant although required an unconventional approach to its execution. It required the use of wires, floral tapes, glue gun, pollens etc. This time it was not just about making the flowers, put glue behind them and stick it the easy peasy way on to a paper but was about figuring a way out to put it on the branch with different angles and heights.

I won’t take full credit as I did get some help from our always available “internet” but in the end managed to implement it. Since I had limited my time to one day I couldn’t really fill up the branch to give a fuller/denser look and had to make do with lesser no of flowers but still pretty much liked the end product.

The satisfaction of being able to make something so unique was immense.