Continuing my love for planters I went ahead and made another simple indoor pot. I have been wanting to put some sort of plants inside the house not only to match with my green and blue theme but also to bring some freshness.

I have to confess this is not the best of my work because I made this when I was in a hurry and wanted to get done with it asap. Sometimes, keeping some imperfect creations in the house is not so bad after all. For now I can make do with this.



Coming to how it was made. Easy procedure as always. Used one of those white containers which we receive with home delivered food. Painted it with few coats of Chalk Paint. Getting the paint to stick on its surface was really tough. So please choose a work surface accordingly. Maybe test it on a little patch first before working on it as a whole. I have applied about 3-4 coats. After it was dry stuck some burlap and a bead on top. That’s it!!


Originally, the idea was to place this in a burlap wrapped tray/ flat basket, hence the touch of burlap on the planter as well. However I wasn’t able to make the burlap tray that well so I decided to chuck using that. Currently this planter is placed on top of a stack of books and I am liking it there for now (Will share the picture in some future post).




Red Floral Envelopes

This one is a special post and a special creation by me. These are money gifting envelopes as you can guess from the pictures already. Here in India we use them everywhere, literally everywhere be it a wedding or someone’s anniversary or any festival.

So this is the go-to idea whenever you are confused on what to gift. Giving a Shagun Envelope as we call them comes to the rescue. Throw in some cash according to your budget in a beautiful looking envelope and you are good to go.

Some of us actually prefer receiving shagun envelopes over a proper gift cuz this way one can accumulate all of the cash received from different guests and use it to buy a thing of a personal choice.

Red Floral Envelopes

Not to forget these can also be used to giveaway gift cards from different outlets which is a new trend these days.

Red Floral Envelopes

Anyway that’s a lot of explanation on what they are and how to use them. Now coming to why this creation means so much to me. First of all the idea, design and layout everything is totally formulated and executed by me. Whenever I look at these pictures I get reminded of that one time when I was out and about selling few of my creations. It was one of those exhibitions during the festival season and I had a few of these on display as well. I remember my husband had kinda helped me out a lot in the background work which included making the inventory sheet along with figuring out the cost etc. So he came up with a few lucrative offers to attract people to my stall in particular.

Why I always smile when I look at these pictures is because this product completely sold out in the first 2 hours. Yes can you believe it? All of these envelopes were picked up by people like crazy. These overshadowed all other designs out there on the table ..Hehehe..I personally find them very pretty and I feel they bring together vibrancy and elegance.

Red Floral Envelopes

These are not one of those overcomplicated designs and not something too simple as well, suited best for festivals. Of course my husband’s strategies also did do the work no mentioning that but I am totally proud of this creation of mine.


Bakers Box with chocolates

How many of us actually celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan in a handmade fashion?  Back in olden days brothers and sisters would try and make something special by hand on the occasion of Rakhi . There even was a trend of making Rakhi’s by hand. These days however we see our female folks buying expensive rakhi’s from different outlets with fancy pictures and designs. Not that I am opposed to this idea but I feel that spending a few hours in making something for your sibling is what makes this day special.

For those who still don’t have the time to make something on their own but want to gift something handmade, I came up with these mini boxes which are completely handmade and customised.

Bakers Box with chocolates

I actually came up with this design 2 years ago for an exhibition during Diwali. And many friends and customers really appreciated the idea of gifting these. They are small, light weight, look pretty and are full of chocolates which everyone loves.

Bakers Box with chocolates

Some even suggested the idea of filling it in with handmade/homemade chocolates. I couldn’t find anyone around me making them so I filled these up with the all time favourites Ferrero Rocher. All in all the idea seemed to be a hit and so I  thought why not use them during Raksha Bandhan as well.  Here’s a link to some other boxes as well which can be used in a similar way.



Made this simple cute planter to decorate my table top. It is a plastic bottle painted with chalk paints from Itsy Bitsy (Craft Store In India- Bangalore)

I have mixed two chalk paints – Sailing Sky and Rainy Day to get this colour and the reason I did so was I wanted the planter to match with the background frames that you see on the wall ( which are also made by me btw) . It’s a simple and easy peasy idea which I think anyone can do and decorate one’s home.


I have been redoing different corners of my home for I like to spruce things up a bit here and there. This was now the time to change my money planter/vase. I was using a plain glass bottle up until now which didn’t look bad either. But as a person I love change and so I came up with this idea of painting the vase to make it look bright.


The best part for those who are new to working with chalk paints is painting with these gives your base product a very different look. In this case I have used a plastic bottle but it does not show till the time you actually hold it in your hand. So to a random stranger it would seem like a store bought vase/planter..

There is a simple picture tutorial for those who want to see how it looked in the making. Do give it a try ..Make sure to paint two coats on the bottle leaving enough time to dry in between which is what gives it the true effect. I have another planter post coming up which isn’t much different from this one but I still like how it looks and feels and so I have decided to make it into a post for this blog.

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After a long time I have stepped into my zone in the world of crafting. Box making was always my passion when it comes to crafting . This was one area which never got me bored cuz every single time I would learn and make a new pattern of box. Sometimes just a size difference would make the task so complicated because I would have to get the measurements right. Funny but that makes crafting a little less monotonous sometimes,  specially because you have to rack your brains to get things done.

Recently after receiving a small request from a friend for a wedding card design the idea of making a box style card suddenly popped into my head. I thought to myself that it looks fancier and is something different. I couldn’t control myself the moment I got the idea and my hands were itching to start work on it. At the same point of time I had access to some pretty handmade flowers by Itsy Bitsy which I wanted to incorporate in my design. The color pink suited my need so  I chose a flower in pink to go for the decoration of  outer band which basically keeps the box closed.


I am quite intrigued by this new idea of a box style wedding card. For those of you wondering where is the invite since all I am talking about is the box and the box only then let me tell you, the invite basically goes into the box in the form of a roll. So basically the content will be printed on a separate fancy paper then rolled and kept inside the box. Voila !!! What do you guys think?




Moving into a new apartment provides one with many opportunities to explore one’s artistic skills, to try out hands at newer and different things. So for the past few weeks I have been focussing on certain parts of the house which I felt needed my attention . I went about cleaning, organising and decorating every corner with scope of improvement. After having done that I realised that the sweet little home that I am working on does not have a nameplate on the door, so nobody knows who this cute little house belongs to hahahaha..


I was musing over the design of it when I received a cute little package from Itsy Bitsy and that contained such pretty flowers I cannot begin to explain. Actually I don’t need to, since the beauty of these flowers is evident from the pictures. The moment I saw them I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to design my nameplate.


I had a few other accessories from the same store like the Burlap Sheets and Handmade Sheets which I have layered over to add some color. The reason I used handmade sheets on top of burlap was to basically help pop out the printed letters on top. Using handmade paper instead of normal  cardstock helps maintain the texture and roughness which was brought into by the use of burlap. So the intension was not to keep it all glossy and finished looking instead a little on the rustic side.


The flowers added are also made out of the same handmade paper which complimented the overall look. Now keeping the background plain and the frame printed was again pre-decided and something I felt was unusually done.


Coming to the frame /shadow box whatever one may choose to call it, is also hand crafted by me. It has two layers of paper one being a thick white sheet reinforced with the use of thick printed designer sheet on the sides which is the part that is basically visible from the front.


All in all I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope you all like it too..cyaaa..



Planters and home decor is back on the things to do list. Yes It is that phase when I am in the mood to make something decorative and related to plants. So recently I visited the most sought after craft store in my area- ITSY BITSY.  Like every single time this time too I went all clueless once I was there. It’s that feeling when you don’t know what to pick and what to leave. I came across some Chalk Paints by Little Birdie in the store and I was like no way am I leaving this.

So now was the time to use these paints. It’s a very very simple DIY which I think anybody could make. I started with cutting a plastic bottle into a required size then painted it with some chalk paint. On top of that I made a design with the help of a stencil I cut out of paper. As simple as that, just go ahead and put your favourite plant in it.