Moving into a new apartment provides one with many opportunities to explore one’s artistic skills, to try out hands at newer and different things. So for the past few weeks I have been focussing on certain parts of the house which I felt needed my attention . I went about cleaning, organising and decorating every corner with scope of improvement. After having done that I realised that the sweet little home that I am working on does not have a nameplate on the door, so nobody knows who this cute little house belongs to hahahaha..


I was musing over the design of it when I received a cute little package from Itsy Bitsy and that contained such pretty flowers I cannot begin to explain. Actually I don’t need to, since the beauty of these flowers is evident from the pictures. The moment I saw them I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to design my nameplate.


I had a few other accessories from the same store like the Burlap Sheets and Handmade Sheets which I have layered over to add some color. The reason I used handmade sheets on top of burlap was to basically help pop out the printed letters on top. Using handmade paper instead of normal  cardstock helps maintain the texture and roughness which was brought into by the use of burlap. So the intension was not to keep it all glossy and finished looking instead a little on the rustic side.


The flowers added are also made out of the same handmade paper which complimented the overall look. Now keeping the background plain and the frame printed was again pre-decided and something I felt was unusually done.


Coming to the frame /shadow box whatever one may choose to call it, is also hand crafted by me. It has two layers of paper one being a thick white sheet reinforced with the use of thick printed designer sheet on the sides which is the part that is basically visible from the front.


All in all I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope you all like it too..cyaaa..



Planters and home decor is back on the things to do list. Yes It is that phase when I am in the mood to make something decorative and related to plants. So recently I visited the most sought after craft store in my area- ITSY BITSY.  Like every single time this time too I went all clueless once I was there. It’s that feeling when you don’t know what to pick and what to leave. I came across some Chalk Paints by Little Birdie in the store and I was like no way am I leaving this.

So now was the time to use these paints. It’s a very very simple DIY which I think anybody could make. I started with cutting a plastic bottle into a required size then painted it with some chalk paint. On top of that I made a design with the help of a stencil I cut out of paper. As simple as that, just go ahead and put your favourite plant in it.





Continuing with the theme and mood of making paper flowers I tried my hands at this new flower called the Poinsettia. This flower I have to admit was a relatively simpler one to make but looked so so much prettier than a lot more complicated ones. I liked making this flower so so much that I ended up making a lot more of these in different sizes and colors. A picture of those I will share in my future posts as today I want to focus just on this particular one in red.



The reason this is special is because as you can see I have used this flower not in the usual way but as a napkin ring holder. This idea came to my mind when I got an enquiry from an event company for napkin rings. It came to my mind that making a ring which has a beautiful flower on top will make it so much more prettier. So all the attendees of the event will be greeted by these gigantic flowers on their dinner tables. I am in love with the idea of using flowers as napkin holders as they add a lot of freshness to the overall look and feel of the event.




Eventually I plan to try using some other kind of flower too which would be suitable for this purpose but for now I think I can make-do with this one . To top it all  I added a touch of matching toothpicks to make it into a complete set. That gave the whole thing an extra edge and makes the dining table look so much more personalised.


I posted this flower on facebook sometime ago in the form of a simple card. Due to the 3D effect of flowers I ended up using the card in a photo frame without the glass of course and it looked so good that I went ahead and showcased it in a small society exhibition too. Many of our customers and friends really liked the idea of putting such a design in a photo frame instead of the usual family photos. It adds color and looks much more decorative.

I got a request from a fellow crafter on facebook who really wanted to understand the process of making this. I know many of us quillers find it very challenging to make the petals stand when working with just white glue. Some others resort to using hot glue or silicone glue to make such standing flowers but not all of us have access to those. I am aware that some of us don’t even like the final product after working with such glues as it shows on the bottom of the flower after it has dried out which does not give a very clean look to the flower.

So this tutorial is for those who want to learn making similar flowers in a simple way using white glue. Hope you will like it.

Please click on the link to go to the video tutorial- Here



Making handmade flowers has always been my love when it comes to crafting. I had mentioned in one of my previous posts that I got inspired to make paper flowers from Lia Griffith when I began with crafting. I love to make them for various uses some of them being like gift toppers, frame toppers and the most common use would be as cards.


The biggest challenge for me was to make something from scratch without using die-cuts. I did not have a template/die for Peony. I was in search of a tutorial which would help me make these by hand. Finally I found some reference and decided to try these instantly.  So I learnt these from a youtube video by Abbi K. Gillespie. She makes so many flower varieties that there are a lot of options to choose from. Peony was the one that I had my eyes on. Hope you guys like these. I have simply stuck them on a card to keep it simple. Lemme know what you guys think..





Mandalas have always fascinated me for a long time. A lot of colorful and black and white drawings as well as time lapse videos have been floating around all over Instagram. I have always wondered and questioned myself as to if I can even think of trying these out. Now drawing is not my cup of tea and being so symmetrical and well aligned while drawing seems a further impossible task to do. But then it came to my mind that what if I try something with quilling on a similar pattern. This idea got me so intrigued that the next moment my sleeves were folded and the craft table laid out with all the required tools. Without any further ado I began quilling.


Since it was a new thing I was trying, I decided to keep it small and sweet so as to see how it goes. I made a small design and stopped at that. It inspired me to try something even bigger and better which involved many more quilling techniques. But for now this satisfied my thirst of making something similar to a mandala.



DSC_0009Seems like decoration is on the charts and I am going bonkers over decorating everything I feel needs a makeover or some change. As I had mentioned in my previous post we shifted our base to a newer city due to which we were obviously short of things  to decorate our house. Fortunately, after a  lot of coaxing I convinced my husband to get some plants. LOL. Unfortunately, I did not have my pretty looking decorative planters like I did in my previous house. These new plants did not have such fancy looking pots which were bothering me for quite some time.


Luckily I came across this brilliant idea of these covers which one can customise and make according to the different height and width of your pot.


I made 2 of these one for a long glass bottle planter and the other one being the standard black plastic pot which we get the plants in.


My Martha Stewart Scoring Board came to the rescue which helped me make these covers in an hour or so. Very easy to make, you just have to score the lines and fold them.  Stick the whole scored and burnished page to make it round as per the shape of your planter. That’s it!!