Hydrangea Cover 3

A new challenge, a new passion and a totally new type of craft  . These flowers have brought about freshness into my daily crafting projects and activities. Making them made me so much happier and content that I cannot begin to explain.


I am relatively new to the flower making field of crafting. I have seen a couple of videos here and there and that’s all the knowledge I have in this .


I had been feeling the need to put some flowers on the centre/coffee table for a long time now. But due to certain reasons I couldn’t buy them. Hence I decided to make them myself. Hydrangeas being my favs, inspired the look of these.


This particular project is not an exact replica of hydrangea but it does follow the concept of closely packed flowers. The petals and the flowers as such are totally different.


Looking at the bunch, one may think that it requires making so many petals which could get tedious and boring but let me tell you it totally isn’t. It is really exciting to cut out each flower, shape the petals, layer them and finally stick that one little dot of pearl in the middle.  Although it is really difficult to wait through the process till you have them ready to be assembled into a bunch. Overall the process is fun.



I plan to make them in different colours eventually and maybe even put them out on sale. What do you guys think?


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