Self Closing Box

How many of  us prepare for months to make our wedding day the best day of our life? A lot of us right? Especially all the girls out there surely put in a lot of effort to make the day look perfect.


Wedding cards are a small but important part of a wedding preparation particularly in India. Everyone decides the style and theme of wedding cards according to of course their budget and individual choice of designs

For me it was always about having the cards made by hand. I believed and even do now that handmade cards are ever so special than the machine made ones. But considering the practical aspect as in the large no of people that are invited in Indian weddings,  it is slightly difficult to make such large no of cards unless one has that much of time in hand.


For me the journey of making cards started when a friend suggested that I make some for her. She chose to send those only to some special guests of hers.


I have been making different designs ever since then and this time I felt that since the concept of box cards is in trend I shall  also follow it. These self closing box cards are something I came up with and I feel they suit perfectly for the purpose. Hope you all like the design and the overall look.


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