Featuring Chalk Paints4

The newly launched Chalk Paints by Itsy Bitsy changed the way I craft and brought about a touch of freshness and uniqueness to my projects. I have loved them to bits ever since I first purchased them and continue to use them in the house in different ways.


The idea of making a pot out of plastic bottle came to my mind after I got to know about Chalk Paints. The blue planter below was conceptualised when I bought Chalk paints from the store some time back.


Now, chalk paints were always a dream for me. The internet used to be flooded with many DIY projects made using Chalk paints. I would look at them and be amazed because the fact that they came in many colours and not just black was very new to me. The black board that we had in school was the only place where  I had seen the use of chalk paints as once in a few months the board  would be all fresh and newly painted. That was the only kind of chalk paint that I thought existed before I saw so many ideas online.

Now getting hold of them in India wasn’t very easy a few years ago until one fine day when I visited the  Itsy Bitsy store in Bangalore. This usual visit to the store led to yet another jaw drop moment right when I saw these cute tiny bottles neatly lined up close to the billing counter. But then I wondered if these would be very pricey and out of my budget but surprisingly they were just the right price if not less.


I for sure knew that I had to get them as this was almost like a dream come true. Black was the obvious choice followed by Sailing Sky ( most popular colour back then ) and few others. Shopping for craft supplies brought another level of happiness that day. I went home with a supremely happy face.




Back home, I couldn’t wait to try them . Unsure of how it would fare I went on to painting the blue paint also know as “Sailing Sky” on the newly cut plastic bottle. I kept staring at it until the first coat dried as I was highly curious to find out the results. It dried out matte, just like how I wanted it to.  Amazing results, the application looked even  and smooth, there was a matte effect on it and covered the overall plastic bottle very easily.  I went on with another coat and completed the project.



Who would have known that one of the many products launched by an Indian company could bring so much joy to me. Maybe there are many other brands selling it out there but to me these hold a special place and will always do.


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