Home decoration from time to time is what keeps me going in my life. Thinking about the new arrangement and new setup, keeps me excited and motivated all the time. The days when I have some idea in mind, I get super excited to be able to implement the idea asap.

Blue Lantern redecor1

These days I am working on theme based decoration and trying to understand how one can stick to a particular colour theme and decorate the house accordingly. Blue is one of the  colors that I have chosen for my current house. Mainly the drawing room and the dining room is the point of focus. I plan to keep  different colour themes for different rooms respectively.

Blue Lantern redecor2

I made use of some paper flowers , burlap sheet and a handmade matching colour frame to make this whole setup. Personally, this setup looks a bit empty to my eyes and I am waiting to get some other idea to complete the look.

Blue Lantern redecor3

The flowers bring in freshness to the whole setup and one could use them in any which way one of them being placing inside a lantern.


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