Back to quilling after so so long. Moving on from the love and obsession with mandala making to spiral based quilling. Yes this style of quilling is certainly in trend, and on my charts as well.

This is one type or style of quilling which is very very new to me. There are not many tutorials online which could guide through the tips and tricks. But curiosity cat couldn’t wait that long. So here came the result of first attempt at it. A blue elephant head in a geometric pattern.


Now, I know this isn’t the best as I faced a lot of challenges on the go. I had to figure out on my own as to what would be the best method to go about it. Dark blue, light blue, lemon yellow and cream are the shades I went for cuz m in love with blue these days.


Making evenly spaced out spirals requires a lot of practise by itself. Once that is achieved or once you are even close to achieving the desired look, sticking these spirals within the design boundaries is another challenge. If that wasn’t enough snipping it off at the ends where the spiral meets the boundary was making it look untidy. So I had to make sure that the part which is snipped off is right at the end of each turn and not in the middle, if that makes sense.  Those who have worked with this technique would probably understand what I mean.

All in all the process was really satisfying and I am still in the mood to work more with technique of quilling.


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