Diwali Cards Poster

Ok I know we still have a couple of months to go before the festivals commence. But I really wanted to share this particular creation which is something made long back.

Diwali Cards

However, there was never a time best suited to post this and in the process it never got to my blog ever. Recently, when organising my folders in my disk I suddenly found pictures of these beautiful and simple cards created for the festival of Diwali. I thought to myself there is no better time than right now and so I put them down in my list of posts for this week.

Diwali Cards

I have used a little bit of stamping and a little bit of quilling right in the centre to showcase a diya. The centres of all the stamped portions are embellished with sticky silver pearls.

Diwali Cards

They turned out pretty neat and went really well on top of Diwali gifts. These are mini cards, not very big and can be used as name tags also. Worth a try for all those who like to make cards themselves and worth a buy for all those planning for Diwali this year!!!


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