Continuing my love for planters I went ahead and made another simple indoor pot. I have been wanting to put some sort of plants inside the house not only to match with my green and blue theme but also to bring some freshness.

I have to confess this is not the best of my work because I made this when I was in a hurry and wanted to get done with it asap. Sometimes, keeping some imperfect creations in the house is not so bad after all. For now I can make do with this.



Coming to how it was made. Easy procedure as always. Used one of those white containers which we receive with home delivered food. Painted it with few coats of Chalk Paint. Getting the paint to stick on its surface was really tough. So please choose a work surface accordingly. Maybe test it on a little patch first before working on it as a whole. I have applied about 3-4 coats. After it was dry stuck some burlap and a bead on top. That’s it!!


Originally, the idea was to place this in a burlap wrapped tray/ flat basket, hence the touch of burlap on the planter as well. However I wasn’t able to make the burlap tray that well so I decided to chuck using that. Currently this planter is placed on top of a stack of books and I am liking it there for now (Will share the picture in some future post).



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