Red Floral Envelopes

This one is a special post and a special creation by me. These are money gifting envelopes as you can guess from the pictures already. Here in India we use them everywhere, literally everywhere be it a wedding or someone’s anniversary or any festival.

So this is the go-to idea whenever you are confused on what to gift. Giving a Shagun Envelope as we call them comes to the rescue. Throw in some cash according to your budget in a beautiful looking envelope and you are good to go.

Some of us actually prefer receiving shagun envelopes over a proper gift cuz this way one can accumulate all of the cash received from different guests and use it to buy a thing of a personal choice.

Red Floral Envelopes

Not to forget these can also be used to giveaway gift cards from different outlets which is a new trend these days.

Red Floral Envelopes

Anyway that’s a lot of explanation on what they are and how to use them. Now coming to why this creation means so much to me. First of all the idea, design and layout everything is totally formulated and executed by me. Whenever I look at these pictures I get reminded of that one time when I was out and about selling few of my creations. It was one of those exhibitions during the festival season and I had a few of these on display as well. I remember my husband had kinda helped me out a lot in the background work which included making the inventory sheet along with figuring out the cost etc. So he came up with a few lucrative offers to attract people to my stall in particular.

Why I always smile when I look at these pictures is because this product completely sold out in the first 2 hours. Yes can you believe it? All of these envelopes were picked up by people like crazy. These overshadowed all other designs out there on the table ..Hehehe..I personally find them very pretty and I feel they bring together vibrancy and elegance.

Red Floral Envelopes

These are not one of those overcomplicated designs and not something too simple as well, suited best for festivals. Of course my husband’s strategies also did do the work no mentioning that but I am totally proud of this creation of mine.


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