Bakers Box with chocolates

How many of us actually celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan in a handmade fashion?  Back in olden days brothers and sisters would try and make something special by hand on the occasion of Rakhi . There even was a trend of making Rakhi’s by hand. These days however we see our female folks buying expensive rakhi’s from different outlets with fancy pictures and designs. Not that I am opposed to this idea but I feel that spending a few hours in making something for your sibling is what makes this day special.

For those who still don’t have the time to make something on their own but want to gift something handmade, I came up with these mini boxes which are completely handmade and customised.

Bakers Box with chocolates

I actually came up with this design 2 years ago for an exhibition during Diwali. And many friends and customers really appreciated the idea of gifting these. They are small, light weight, look pretty and are full of chocolates which everyone loves.

Bakers Box with chocolates

Some even suggested the idea of filling it in with handmade/homemade chocolates. I couldn’t find anyone around me making them so I filled these up with the all time favourites Ferrero Rocher. All in all the idea seemed to be a hit and so I  thought why not use them during Raksha Bandhan as well.  Here’s a link to some other boxes as well which can be used in a similar way.


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