Made this simple cute planter to decorate my table top. It is a plastic bottle painted with chalk paints from Itsy Bitsy (Craft Store In India- Bangalore)

I have mixed two chalk paints – Sailing Sky and Rainy Day to get this colour and the reason I did so was I wanted the planter to match with the background frames that you see on the wall ( which are also made by me btw) . It’s a simple and easy peasy idea which I think anyone can do and decorate one’s home.


I have been redoing different corners of my home for I like to spruce things up a bit here and there. This was now the time to change my money planter/vase. I was using a plain glass bottle up until now which didn’t look bad either. But as a person I love change and so I came up with this idea of painting the vase to make it look bright.


The best part for those who are new to working with chalk paints is painting with these gives your base product a very different look. In this case I have used a plastic bottle but it does not show till the time you actually hold it in your hand. So to a random stranger it would seem like a store bought vase/planter..

There is a simple picture tutorial for those who want to see how it looked in the making. Do give it a try ..Make sure to paint two coats on the bottle leaving enough time to dry in between which is what gives it the true effect. I have another planter post coming up which isn’t much different from this one but I still like how it looks and feels and so I have decided to make it into a post for this blog.

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