After a long time I have stepped into my zone in the world of crafting. Box making was always my passion when it comes to crafting . This was one area which never got me bored cuz every single time I would learn and make a new pattern of box. Sometimes just a size difference would make the task so complicated because I would have to get the measurements right. Funny but that makes crafting a little less monotonous sometimes,  specially because you have to rack your brains to get things done.

Recently after receiving a small request from a friend for a wedding card design the idea of making a box style card suddenly popped into my head. I thought to myself that it looks fancier and is something different. I couldn’t control myself the moment I got the idea and my hands were itching to start work on it. At the same point of time I had access to some pretty handmade flowers by Itsy Bitsy which I wanted to incorporate in my design. The color pink suited my need so  I chose a flower in pink to go for the decoration of  outer band which basically keeps the box closed.


I am quite intrigued by this new idea of a box style wedding card. For those of you wondering where is the invite since all I am talking about is the box and the box only then let me tell you, the invite basically goes into the box in the form of a roll. So basically the content will be printed on a separate fancy paper then rolled and kept inside the box. Voila !!! What do you guys think?



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