Continuing with the theme and mood of making paper flowers I tried my hands at this new flower called the Poinsettia. This flower I have to admit was a relatively simpler one to make but looked so so much prettier than a lot more complicated ones. I liked making this flower so so much that I ended up making a lot more of these in different sizes and colors. A picture of those I will share in my future posts as today I want to focus just on this particular one in red.



The reason this is special is because as you can see I have used this flower not in the usual way but as a napkin ring holder. This idea came to my mind when I got an enquiry from an event company for napkin rings. It came to my mind that making a ring which has a beautiful flower on top will make it so much more prettier. So all the attendees of the event will be greeted by these gigantic flowers on their dinner tables. I am in love with the idea of using flowers as napkin holders as they add a lot of freshness to the overall look and feel of the event.




Eventually I plan to try using some other kind of flower too which would be suitable for this purpose but for now I think I can make-do with this one . To top it all  I added a touch of matching toothpicks to make it into a complete set. That gave the whole thing an extra edge and makes the dining table look so much more personalised.


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