I posted this flower on facebook sometime ago in the form of a simple card. Due to the 3D effect of flowers I ended up using the card in a photo frame without the glass of course and it looked so good that I went ahead and showcased it in a small society exhibition too. Many of our customers and friends really liked the idea of putting such a design in a photo frame instead of the usual family photos. It adds color and looks much more decorative.

I got a request from a fellow crafter on facebook who really wanted to understand the process of making this. I know many of us quillers find it very challenging to make the petals stand when working with just white glue. Some others resort to using hot glue or silicone glue to make such standing flowers but not all of us have access to those. I am aware that some of us don’t even like the final product after working with such glues as it shows on the bottom of the flower after it has dried out which does not give a very clean look to the flower.

So this tutorial is for those who want to learn making similar flowers in a simple way using white glue. Hope you will like it.

Please click on the link to go to the video tutorial- Here


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