DSC_0009Seems like decoration is on the charts and I am going bonkers over decorating everything I feel needs a makeover or some change. As I had mentioned in my previous post we shifted our base to a newer city due to which we were obviously short of things  to decorate our house. Fortunately, after a  lot of coaxing I convinced my husband to get some plants. LOL. Unfortunately, I did not have my pretty looking decorative planters like I did in my previous house. These new plants did not have such fancy looking pots which were bothering me for quite some time.


Luckily I came across this brilliant idea of these covers which one can customise and make according to the different height and width of your pot.


I made 2 of these one for a long glass bottle planter and the other one being the standard black plastic pot which we get the plants in.


My Martha Stewart Scoring Board came to the rescue which helped me make these covers in an hour or so. Very easy to make, you just have to score the lines and fold them.  Stick the whole scored and burnished page to make it round as per the shape of your planter. That’s it!!


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