After a long long time I went back to making paper flowers. I remember when I was new to crafting and started to read blogs online I came across the famous blogger Lia Griffith. I was amazed with the kind of work she did and how pretty all of it looked. One would look at it and wonder is that really made by hand, how is it even possible?

I then began following her tutorials on paper flowers. I learnt a few new techniques which I didn’t know existed. Anyways, paper roses were my all time favourites out of all the flowers she made. Back then I used to religiously practise making flowers due to which I got decently good at it. In the months thereafter I had to temporarily shift base to a different city which reduced my craft supplies to a basic minimum. I could only travel with quilling supplies which were the lightest to travel with. Flower making came to a halt for a few months.


Now after the long wait and getting bored of quilling I thought of making paper flowers again. The need for a decorative vase arose when we had to host dinner at our new temporary house. Hence I came up with the idea of a decorative vase. I actually kept a candle inside to lighten up our dinner table.



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