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Making roses out of quilling has always been one of my craft agendas but could never muster the courage to make use of needles/pins to form a design like this. But this time for this challenge I had assigned myself this particular project for this day thinking that I’d see how it goes. I know it isn’t that difficult a task for many experienced quillers but for me it was a different technique than usual. Eventually it turned out pretty good according to me, maybe not the best.

IMG_4834 (1)

My way of finding out was to ask my husband what does it look like to him? I showed him this project late evening and his reply was “looks like some flower”..Hmm so atleast it looked like a flower to him if not a rose. My initial response to him  was doesn’t it look like a rose to you and he blatantly said no. Saddened, I asked why and he felt the arrangement wasn’t that “rose like”,,lol.  I then showed him the actual picture which I was using for inspiration and then he rightly pointed out the flaws in my execution as opposed to what we saw in the actual pic. I tried incorporating the same points of correction in the second “flower”- the darker one . All in all I was happy with the result ..How do you guys like it?


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