IMG_0129This is one of my favourite things to do. I always always have loved glorifying my things of use. It could be anything right from my wallet to pocket diary to my work instruments. It could be as simple as attaching a bow to my xacto or the scissors. It makes my belongings more personal adding a touch of cuteness.

With the increase of online applications these days, use of pen and diary has surely become limited but in my life the use of a diary/notebook still exists. I love penning down and planning all of weeks craft projects with little notes mentioning the specifics of the project or notes about things to add or delete from that set project. I also pen down the name of recipes which I find suddenly online and feel like trying out later (yeah I know one could bookmark it ..lol) . This is how I like it.

The ironic thing is I don’t like buying fancy looking diaries or notebooks with preset weekly/monthly/daily templates for jotting down tasks. It’s a total no no for me. I like the freedom of being able to make bubbles, arrows up and down , horizontal notes in the tiniest available corner left empty on that page. For me it gets very boring to right in those boxes made for each day and time.


So yeah coming to the point this notebook was one such notebook that I use for scribbling around my tasks and feelings at times. Like always I used my all time favourite DSP’s (Designer Series Paper) which I think have changed the world for me. I use their beautiful prints everywhere right from decorating the house walls to making cards . Here, I simply covered my diary with this bright yellow colored paper and then added some handmade yellow (a different shade) colored flowers on top. How awesome a feeling it is to be able to make your prefered style of blossoms in the size you want in the color you want. Sometimes it gets as easy as just taking a few petals, squishing them together and gluing them on top of each other and you’re done. How cool is that. Flowers made in such a fashion look prettier than other  neatly cut and stuck ones. I am sure a lot of other crafters would agree with me on this.



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