It had been a few days since I quilled and the urge to get back to the same old same old was only increasing. Now this time I knew that I wanted to improve on a previously made design. But then again doing it in a days time or I’d say probably in few hours since there are other things to finish as well in the same day was seeming to be tough.

I wanted to make the improved design so badly that I decided to still go ahead and try it. Flowers on the twigs/branches making a centrepiece was what I did last time. Only that it felt a little incomplete with lesser no of flowers and buds. So here I wanted to give it a denser look with almost a similar arrangement.

I decided to use 5mm strips instead of 3 to be able to make bigger sized flowers made some extra buds here and there and added some greenery. A much better projection this time. Strangely I am still in the mood to try an even bigger and denser version of this. It surely isn’t possible during the challenge since it will need more working hours. But yeah added to the to-do’s of craft.


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