Being the third day of the challenge, reality had started to hit me hard wherein I realised its not as easy and exciting as it felt at the start of the challenge. It was not because of the hardwork one had to put into it because as a crafter I don’t think working with paper will ever cease to make me happy. The reality in this case was lack of newer and interesting ideas to work on.

Yes ofcourse pinterest,google, youtube are always at the rescue but what happens if you want to come up with your own idea and for some insane reason you feel that creativity should only come from the mind without any other source of help. Yeah I do get super pumped up some days of my life without understanding the consequences of my over enthusiasm. lol.


This project is a result of the above stream of emotions. I wanted to make something exclusive but could not produce what I had pictured after all. No issues I guess. Cming to the project it is a simple wavy kinda spiral rose card. The reason I am not shying away from showcasing it here is because I feel I did manage to produce something by the end of the day and did not quit.


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