Another quilling project but a different one this time. Feeling the need to convert the use of quilling into a product which is somewhat more functional or decorative rather than just sticking flowers on top of paper/card led me to making this. I was constantly searching for that one idea which would inspire me to make something different. Finally the idea came and being a person who loves decorating the home this idea suited perfectly to my needs.

A centre piece with the use of real twigs/branches whatever you may call it. The idea was brilliant although required an unconventional approach to its execution. It required the use of wires, floral tapes, glue gun, pollens etc. This time it was not just about making the flowers, put glue behind them and stick it the easy peasy way on to a paper but was about figuring a way out to put it on the branch with different angles and heights.

I won’t take full credit as I did get some help from our always available “internet” but in the end managed to implement it. Since I had limited my time to one day I couldn’t really fill up the branch to give a fuller/denser look and had to make do with lesser no of flowers but still pretty much liked the end product.

The satisfaction of being able to make something so unique was immense.


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