I have been crafting for 2 years or more now and there have been certain observations that I made over the years. The biggest being that I have a tendency to craft in phases. By that I mean that there are days when I craft a lot and days when I don’t craft as much. Similarly there are days when I only focus on one kind of a craft technique say ‘quilling’ and not explore the other areas of my interest like punch craft, box making etc etc

It is not a bad way to work either as one can be extremely productive and motivated when working in phases but there is a downside to this style of working which I wanted to overcome. “Consistency” is what is lacking in this model of working and that is the key to growth in any field of work. More so consistency is needed to keep yourself up on the charts in the market, it is needed to keep the people who follow you and your work interested in your projects. Its not fair to oneself and those who follow your work of art to be inconsistent.

Another aspect to this is knowing how to be creative even when you don’t have the best of ideas in your mind. How to make something decently nice even when there is no set idea or project in mind. Hence I came up with this challenge.

I am sure there are hundreds of similar challenges running on the net but since I didn’t want to wait I made one for myself and for people who see my work. It now forces me to come up with a new idea every single day for the next 30 days. The idea is not to produce the best of results rather to make something new regularly for 30 days.

This inculcates a habit in oneself. To sit down and spend few hours of the day creatively. Some ideas I agree require more than a day to complete but when you take up smaller projects and complete each one day by day, the satisfaction of holding the completed product at the end of the day is immense.



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