Updates At Ginsdesk

Hi guys..I wasn’t very active lately as the festival season was on for the past couple of days. I had a lot of celebrations happening all around. Ginsdesk took a back seat and was busy making the most of this time 😀 One big news..Ginsdesk will also be going off work for three months that is Dec , Jan and Feb.. Until then I will try and load you all with many craft projects and ideas that I executed for 2 of the exhibitions that I recently participated in and also some of the new projects I am in the process of making. Let me also tell you since wedding season is on I have a lot of card making going on at the desk. Will try my best to share as many ideas as I can. Some of my new posts will not have a lot of content and more of pictures as I am extremely short of time and unable to pen down my thoughts on the respective craft projects. So I decided I might as well post the pictures if not the thoughts and ideas that went in the making unlike I normally try to do. Cyaaa…


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