Handmade Envelopes

Anokhi Style Envelopes

Festival season is on!! How many of you have started shopping for Diwali? I have already gone mad over so many diyas and lights that are now being sold in the market. To be honest, when shopping for festivals I usually search for handmade stuff and prefer buying them over others. Obviously as I understand its value and perhaps I have a soft corner for all those artists who create handmade. India still needs people who appreciate handmade and understand its worth. Coming back to point, although I buy a lot of stuff for festivals, envelopes are one thing I prefer making on my own. In fact I received a lot of queries too for the same where my clients wanted me to design some for them. I ended up making a lot of designs out of which this is just one. I have used glossy and handmade paper together which is why I find it really unique. What do you think guys? Once before, I also made envelopes with quilling on top, you can check them out here..I simply love those 😀




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