Old products revamped

Cream and Yellow Medallions

A friend once told me that crafting is not always about creating new things or being able to make something different each time. Rather its a lot about how one can redo the old ones, how one can change the entire look of a long forgotten product which did not seem that well made at that point of time. I have always made an effort to improve over my old products rather products made at the start of my crafting business. I have always tried incorporating new techniques and tried making use of newer materials that I acquired with time.

I started with no amount of tools at all and now when I do own a couple, I feel free to add more details to my existing creations. Probably things which took a lot of time to make before now do not take as much time, but that does not mean I stop at that. I feel that with that extra time in hand which was saved due to proper tools, I can be more creative and work on the finer details of the same product.

This is not only challenging but trust me after I am done with the newer modification or innovation there is a feeling of immense satisfaction which cannot be matched with any other thing.  These medallions are just an example of the same thing. I have been working on them from time to time and feel that there is more that can be done with it. Phew.. 🙂

Beige and Blue Medallions1



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