Exhibition At Taj Lucknow



Hello everyone..How are you celebrating the festival season? For all those who are not from India I must clarify that this time of the season is full of festivals that is right from the beginning of October up to  November end and some part of December too. We literally have back to back celebrations happening out here. As I have mentioned before, this time of year also calls for loads and loads of exhibitions happening at various locations just so that people in general can buy all that they want and most importantly find unique products at one place.

I feel a lot of artists and crafters  just like me wait for this time of the year as this is when we  can explore and showcase at the same time. What I mean is that we get a huge opportunity to display all of our new creations and products which we learn over the past year. Some are newly learnt items and some are redone from before. And while making these the only thought that comes to my mind is how will people like these products? Excitement and enthusiasm being at its peak for almost all of us. The reason why I  also say “explore”  is because simultaneously we get to meet people from different backgrounds with different taste and liking. Some of them are for sure handmade lovers but for others we always need to understand their requirements. I have always believed that handmade is not purchased because you need it but because you can’t do without it even when you don’t need it. It’s mainly for those who have the craze and love for such things. So each time we have to deal with people or customers who are not that fond of handmade, it becomes important to make them understand the value of each and every product, how much of an effort goes into it.

This recent exhibition that I conducted was in a city which was kinda new to me as far as the understanding of crowd was concerned. So when I left with my stock of products I was really sceptical of what would happen. Surprisingly, it went awesomely well. People were highly appreciative of my work, creations and found the whole set up extremely innovative. As a crafter it was amazing to see how welcoming they were. All in all there was a lot to learn and lot to teach at the same time.



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