Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic Book Marks 2

Recently I was in Pune when I was on the look out for some craft shops. It always excites me when I see that there are shops and people who love to display and showcase handmade products. It overwhelms me when I see random people walking into these stores and appreciating the stuff knowing the value of handmade. Suddenly I came across a very small outlet which also had handmade products. There I saw some very different kind of bookmarks, they were lovely. They had some sort of magnetic effect in them. And bang I had the idea of trying this by myself. I don’t know how exactly were they made but I developed my method and ended up with these Magnetic Bookmarks.

Magnetic Book Marks 4

I feel this is an addition to my basket of what I call “simple projects”. It looks very simple and isn’t difficult to make either. I always use my craft creations. So like always I made some of these for myself as well which is what I have shown in the pictures..Hope you liked this project.

Magnetic Book Marks 3 Magnetic Book Marks 1


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