Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder NewColors1

This is one project which even caters to men. haha.. I say so because a lot of my guy friends who love my creations always used to complain that whatever I make is meant mainly for girls. There were very few guys who would want to buy or use the stuff I make. After I made this, a lot of my friends immediately called me to get these made. I cannot explain how happy I was to know that after all it isn’t that bad..Even they like something’s. So, by now I have a lot of color variations in these holders as a number of people wanted these. In fact I kept two of these for myself..One for my business cards and the other for storing all the extra cards we keep getting from people. You know that ways they don’t get lost. This is one idea even you could use for yourself.

This business card holder is also a part of my summer launch- Just Boxes with Ginsdesk. I am thinking of posting about some of those products as well. This will be the start. 😀

Business Card Holder NewColors3


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