Napkin Holder- Punched Out Dots

Punchedstarsnapkin Holder1

Wat plans for Sunday? Sunday’s are mostly lazy days and for me I maintain the rule of not crafting on Sundays since I have all my family members at home on this day of the week. We sit together, chat, discuss about things together. So  this day is dedicated to all the household chores and is my “family-time”..Being lazy I haven’t posted a very  elaborate or difficult project. LOL.. It is a simple project I did long time ago since I wanted to keep my purse organized and free from all the paper bills and bits. Maybe a lot of women will understand what I mean..hehe ..So I thought of keeping a clear envelope in the purse with all the paper clutter in it..But then I realised how boring and plain an envelope would be, so I made one for myself. This is not horizontal but vertical. It is totally open from one side, so no extra work of opening and closing when in a hurry. If you are wondering that the paper bits will slide out ? No they don’t , it hasn’t happened to me so far. To make it like myself (i.e. colourful) I punched out these mini blossoms which almost give a polka effect and stuck them on to the holder. After that I was ready to go, I could store tissues, napkins and paper bills into it. I have 2 of these in my purse..Its simple but effective 😀 😀


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