Lip Color Organizer- With Slots

Slotted Lip Color Organizer1 Slotted Lip Color Organizer2

Few days back I had posted about a Paper Made Nail Paint Organizer, which then inspired me to make something for lipsticks as well. Initially I made a simply styled organizer, however the issue with that was the lipsticks were falling over each other being extremely light in weight. I did not face this problem with nail paints as they were slightly heavier plus they have a broader base, so they stood perfectly fine. Although in case of lipsticks, they were wobbly when lined up. Then I came across this slotted lip color organizer and I was thrilled to have seen this idea after which I couldn’t resist from creating one for myself. You know the surprising fact is that this organizer is supremely tiny but can store upto 9 lipsticks at a time. Isn’t that amazing? For someone like me 9 lipsticks are more than enough to have at a time. It also keeps me in control as I have promised myself to not buy a new color unless I get one slot empty in this box. What’s more amazing is that these organizers are very simple to make. I have also sold a couple of these already to some people. Again one cannot forget that ultimately these are made out of paper and not out of plastic or metal/wood but personally I am never looking for metal or plastic containers, I am looking for something unique .I love the fact that these are very colorful which we cannot find in case of acrylic organizers plus if handled carefully they last long enough. It is the touch of pearls, flowers and ribbons which makes them unique. I am so excited and can’t stop myself from saying that these are extremely cute tiny organizers..Wat say??


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