Peach Quilled Card

Quilled CardPeach2

My interest in quilling is increasing day by day. Now I have made quilling my  “No-idea- Craft-Idea” style of art amongst all the various kinds of craft that I do..LOL.. By that I mean whenever I am out of craft ideas and don’t have any projects in mind I pick up quilling. And that is why I call it what I call it..This ways I don’t feel uninspired or demotivated. I am sure this happens to a lot of other crafters like me where there are days with no ideas in mind. This is when I don’t let myself get bogged down rather instantly turn towards quilling. This was infact an idea given to me by a friend when one fine day I called him feeling low.

So this peach card is a creation out of one such days..I somehow like the way it has turned out along with which this card also refined my skills in various quilling techniques..Each time I pick up a new card I discover some new style of quilling. This is one form of art which only engages you deeply and makes you do more and more..

Quilled CardPeach1


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