Welcome Home Chart

WelcomeHome Board

Hello everyone..How is the weather at your end? It’s really hot out here..Now this season is also the season for vacation and most of the colleges finish semesters by this time. So my brother was also coming home for a long summer vacation plus he was coming after a very long time. I wanted to make one welcome home chart for him just as a sweet gesture. I thought of using a simple chart paper which I stuck on the main door after the project was complete.

His summer vacations reminded me of my old days when we used to have a separate drawing class. Back then as kids crayons and water paints were a big time fascination and I clearly remember collecting oil pastels and other such colors. I still have few of those with me even today , so I thought of making the base with crayons. I tried blending few colors into each other. It has turned out not that great but works fine for me.

Also I used foam letters while I was coloring so I could get fine lines for the letters. After the coloring was over I removed those letters and outlined them with black sketch pen. To decorate I made use of handmade flowers in 2 different styles. To top it all I thought of adding a pretty butterfly. I know I know it isn’t very boyish considering it was for my bro..hehehe..It is so tough to come up with manly ideas..phew..anyhow please do share your comments about how you like the concept..

WelcomeHome Board3

WelcomeHome Board1




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