Bow HairBand1

Hello guys, I am back after a long gap..I know I know have not been posting anything substantial for a while. I was really busy making the Summer Collection which many of you must have seen , its called Just Boxes With Ginsdesk. If you notice there is a separate tab on top of the blog front page , all you need to do is click on it to see the whole range. I am also thinking of posting separately about each style of box. Anyways apart from that I have been busy doing smaller projects for a while now.

This particular post is dedicated to Bow Style Band which is not a new creation to be honest. I have already made Bowstyle Clips. But a friend of mine suggested that I should try a band instead, in fact she wanted one for herself, so I made it šŸ˜€

This time I have also taken a “Selfie” (which I was totally refraining from) only to showcase how exactly these things look like once we wear them. I have showcased Hair Ties before, but a lot of people felt that they couldn’t understand how these hair ties would look like eventually. Some didn’t even know these were meant to be used as an accessory and that these werent’ just another craft project.

So guys please do share your comments with me šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Taken with Nokia Glam Me



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