New Collection- Just Boxes With Ginsdesk

Hello everybody..I am very happy and excited today as I have finally managed to finish working upon this new line of products which is truly inspired. This time I tried something new and different as from what I have done in the past. I made quite a number of paper boxes and bags in very many different styles. These are a part of the  Summer Collection as the prints and designs go perfectly well with the season. I have embellished all the boxes in my way and preferred keeping them simple as I usually do. I love the way they look and have turned out finally.

Also, I am designing a few more of these which I will continue adding to this collection with time. As is obvious by now, I am a big fan of boxes and bags and use them myself not just for gifting but even for storing a lot of my things. I love that they are paper boxes and not plastic or wooden, which is what I feel brings class into them.

In the process I tried my hand at a lot of different styles of flowers all of which I have used as adornments on top of these boxes and bags. This line is dedicated to all those who are true lovers of such things just like me and don’t mind keeping a plenty in the house..LOL

So here’s the link to my page:-

It also directly shows on top of my blog, one can directly click there and reach the page which gives full details of all the products.




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