Handmade Nail Paint Organizer

Nail Paint Organizer1

Coming back to another post on organizing which I do from time to time. This time I wanted to organize these colorful lip colors and nail paints. Obviously I have purchased a lot of these now and needed some good enough space to store them. But since these are so  bright and cute I didn’t feel like keeping them in a box or somewhere inside. I knew I had to showcase this collection out in the open. I adore them so much and use them quite often. So being in hands reach always makes it easier for me to grab them when required.

I know the display is somewhat like we see in different cosmetic stores but I feel since it is made of paper (totally handmade) and embellished as well, this looks adorable. I have added bright red ribbon tied with a bow and some pearls which make my dressing table look so much more pretty.

Since I have a very limited collection of lip colors I wanted a smaller version to store them and so I made this. This does not have a step to highlight the back line of lip colors but it does have some more storage space behind. I am loving this 😀

Lip Color Organizer 1


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