Summer Special- Gift Bag cum Box

Hey guys..Like I promised, we begin with the summer special edition..The first out of the lot is this gift bag cum box. I made this some time back on for gifting a friend without having to make the effort of wrapping. If you remember one of my old post Polka Dot bags which was a part of the wedding decor collection also had the same purpose. All one needed to do was put their gift in the bag and give it away. It was like a self wrapped gift. Quick and easy. This one is on the similar concept but for items in small sizes.

I love the way it turned out. This is inspired by an origami technique which I learnt online. Almost all the stuff I create is inspired from somewhere or the other with a little tweaks here and there. I care to mention so that no one really questions my credibility. Moving on I also had to tell you guys that all the products which are a part of the summer edition will be priced at a lower rate than the usual. So go bonkers!! All those who love craft and want to grab one for themselves do not wait for the last-minute..

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Summer Special- Paper box cum bag for gifting



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