Hey guys!! Like I had mentioned in my earlier post, I am working on some of the easy peasy up-cycling projects. My last post was a DIY chevron wall art which I made of an old wall shelf box. It  turned out pretty decent.


Later in the week I found some glass cases which no one uses in our house. With the help of decoupage technique I upgraded those cases to something more functional. I only re-did the top part of cases and not the box. Now I can use them as a pencil box or to store pins/rubber bands. I plan to use them as a mani-pedi kit and a travel case when going on a long trip 🙂

I also made a magazine/paper holder from a box of corn flakes . I use these to hold my left over cut outs of paper. It is very useful for crafters like me who need to stay organized simultaneously. The same box can be utilised as a glue-gun holder, about which I have written in my earlier post. After having used this glue-gun holder for months now, I can surely tell, that this up-cycled glue gun holder is the best and makes your life so much more easier..



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