upcycled wall quote2

For sometime now I have been busy with up-cycled projects.. I had a lot of extra but useful stuff lying over which made me think and think ..Obviously as a crafter it was impossible for me to throw it away.. In fact now it’s in everyone’s habit to show me all the extra stuff before they move it to trash..

I recently got hold of this wall shelf holder which was about 36 inches in length and white. It came when we bought our new wall shelf. This box was so huge that no one wanted to store it in the house even for a second. At the same time I was looking for an opportunity to make use of chevron pattern somewhere in the house. It was just then when I got the idea of painting chevron with a nice quote on top..

Now I know that I can get this art done just right even if I want to do it on a canvas. I have noticed that this art is trending all over plus I have loved it too..Finally its done. Henceforth I look forward to making another such chevron pattern on something different.

upcycled wall quote1



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