Hello everyone!! We had hosted a small party some time back. We had about 50-60 people attending. Since it was a special event we as in me and my family had planned everything well in advance. We even had a small programme lined up for one and all. People loved the programme as from what I hear. But more than that we had worked on the gifts we were giving to all those who made an effort, came all the way to attend the function.

So yes we had about 70 gifts to wrap and then decorate. Hence we had to choose a way in which the wrapping could be faster. We chose 2 different styles for 2 different set of gifts. One as you can see has a feather and the other one has a butterfly. Both express liberty and freedom. Can you guess what was the party for??? It was a retirement party ,,

Party Favors4 Party Favors3

Although couldn’t gather many pictures but these are enough to give some idea of how the gifts finally turned out to be. Oh yes not to forget, the butterfly’s and the feathers have been made by me. As in we didn’t buy the ready-made ones from the market. I am not even sure if we get any. I guess being handmade is the beauty of it all.

Party Favors2 Party Favors1



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