Hey guys!! For a while now Iv been busy planning for a party we are about to host in a couple of days..But whatever may be the case crafting never takes a back seat and so I went ahead and created this paper wreath. Honestly I have been trying to learn something which can help me redo the wall on the back of my bed. Welcoming Spring was the idea in my mind due to which I wanted to create something which would compliment the whole concept of spring.


I have to say this wreath led to a total makeover of the room. Not only does it bring brightness to the whole look but makes me feel full of energy each time I enter my room and get a glance !! I am loving it to the core..Do let me know what you think.

Wreath5 Wreath4


6 thoughts on “PAPER WREATH

    • Thank you sooo soo much SohoSonnet Creative Living for accepting my submissions and showcasing them on your blog.. Means a lot to me and is highly encouraging for new bloggers like me 😀 😀


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