Many of you must know by now that Rumgin’s Craft specialises in designing custom handmade birthday invites. This time the challenge was something to go with aladdin theme since the child was too fond of aladdin cartoons. So I went ahead and decided to make something look like a baby genie. And here it is..Depicting a floating baby genie with the bday details. There is a lot more modification yet to be made but until then I decided to post this to show to you all.

Normally professional crafters go for techniques like stamping to make the card look much more beautiful and professional. But as you can see this card is the total opposite. No use of stamps, inks dyes etc.. Infact it looks like something made by hand by a child. Reason being the card was being sent for the birthday of a small child and I wanted the childlike innocence to exist in everything they did. Be it the decorations or the invites. If one loses that, no more does it make the children feel that it is a birthday party. Why not host a cocktail party instead if that’s how things are meant to be..More professional and picture perfect.

I made a lot more of these where the genie remained blue in color but the part with text had different colors for different cards. Its a simple card though but goes with the theme. Do let me know what you think of this 😀

Geenie themed Bday invite pic 3



  1. The potential is endless …pure handmade is true creativity and effort. Tools like stamps etc are way too common and we see it everywhere now among card makers. It seems when one person gets a new stamp / ink or punch all of them get it and then all the cards just end up looking the same. Where is the creativity in that? Right ?


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