I recently went to the Indian Handicrafts expo which provided me the opportunity to explore so much I never could have imagined. To give you all the basic info about this fair, it was basically meant for exporters and wholesalers and not individual crafters. They only displayed samples of the stuff they sell and various shop owners and businessmen from all around the world would come and check the samples for the things they like and then place a bulk order. Hence none of the stalls out there entertained people like us since we couldn’t place a bulk order of-course..LOL.. We were also not allowed to click pics out there but I still sneaked a few just to show you all how amazing it was with so much to learn.






Coming to the stalls they had a combination of handmade stuff to decorative stuff made from glass, steel, metal and wood. Right from exclusive vintage furniture to intricately hand crafted designer shawls were elaborately showcased. Everything was so exclusive, goes to show how much of talent and art exists in India. I did get a lot of ideas there. Wish I could get more clicks for you all to show what I mean..

But ya I was lucky that I bagged upon this opportunity. It was a great experience with each second worth spent out there.



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