Valentine Love Boxes 3

So I have now come with another set and style of boxes for gifting.. Everything I made this week has been colorful 😀 These boxes are a bit different from others in a way that the lids or the opening flaps are attached to the box and they tangle into each other to help close. These are reusable boxes and can fit some small size gift..

The red box is the smallest one and I call it the love box. It suits perfectly to gift someone a ring or a jewellery item..Red color signifies love as it is.. The green and yellow boxes can be used for gifting chocolates and other such items..These boxes are extremely cute and simple. The best part is that they don’t have a separate lid. Let me know what you think guys..I will keep posting about new style of boxes from time to time as gifting is what I love the most..

Valentine Love Boxes 2


Valentine Love Boxes 1


Valentine Love Boxes 4


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