Ideas and Tips: Post Its

Hey guys.. This isn’t a proper post actually but just a simple tip or I’d say an idea for using post its.. I have always been crazy about post its. And like many others I love to buy them in different colors and sizes.. But unfortunately one needs a good enough reason to buy more of these especially when you already have a stack of them lying in your drawer πŸ˜› πŸ˜› I know I know many of you might be in a similar situation just like me. Hence I keep searching for ideas and better uses of post its as I don’t want to be wasting them. I love to use the things I buy as effectively as I can.

Recently I was faced with this situation where we had these wires hanging down from our TV. So I decided to fix it with the help of post its just like it is shown in the picture.. I know it isn’t a permanent solution but trust me guys it works great when you have few guests coming over in like no time and you want to make your house look neater πŸ˜€

Postit use


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