Another version-Paper Cut Garland


Hey guys.. If you all remember I had posted about Paper Cut Chandelier as a part of Theme Wedding Series.. Here I am displaying another version of it. I have used the same paper cutting technique, although this time assembled it in the form of a garland.. If you notice closely I have made use of old/used paper to make these in spite of which this garland looks attractive.

Apart from using them for parties and events I have utilised these as a Welcome Back Garland..What I mean by that is I hung them just next to the entrance where I stuck a poster with Welcome Back Home written on it. Just a different idea which many of you could use. Let me know what you think.. 🙂






2 thoughts on “Another version-Paper Cut Garland

  1. What size of paper did you use ? I could never get such sharp designs. You seen the ones I had at my store Right! Yours take the cake. Anyway I removed those long time ago and put up paper lantern chains instead. Now thinking what new to put up. Any ideas ?


    • Have used different sizes Hussain.. Not anything specific..Can you share with me some pictures of the lantern chains you mentioned about..Will share with you incase I get any new ideas .. you can also put up Butterfly wall arts like the ones I have made..Make smaller versions of it and hang them just anywhere..

      Thanks Ragini Gupta


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