A simple and effective DIY tip for all the crafters around. As a crafter working with glue guns is a daily routine but at the same time I have always found it difficult to store my glue gun after I am done with my work. When I bought my glue gun I did not get any sort of box along with it for storage. Besides using a whole box which you need to open and close again and again is tedious. So I came up with this idea where one can have a stand to keep glue gun. It looks nice, is not at all tedious since one does not need to open and close and most of all helps to keep your craft and craft supplies like these way more organized..



One can also use the same stand to store papers or stack journals/diaries like shown in the pictures. Another option is to use them as small decorative stands on dressing tables/study tables..


Let me know what you think of the idea 😀 😀


One thought on “DIY GLUE GUN STAND

  1. […] for crafters like me who need to stay organized simultaneously. The same box can be utilised as a glue-gun holder, about which I have written in my earlier post. After having used this glue-gun holder for months […]


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