Finally I have a complete round-up of some of the things that can be used in a wedding or a party all of which are handmade and crafted by Rumgin’s Craft. I tried to encompass those little details of a wedding which normally tend to get ignored. Like the way presents and gifts are decorated or the small and cute envelopes. These small things make a huge difference. Plus hand crafted items naturally bring a special touch in everything you do.

Theme weddings are not very difficult to execute. Enhance your party/wedding using these unique products..To give you a fun summary of the theme wedding decoration kit that I have been posting in small bites, here is a photo collage and the links to each project below.



Roundup6Links for each item:-

Paper Cut Chandelier

Polka Dots Handbags

Paper Roses

Colored Dotted Envelopes

Greetings Card

Decorative Paper Roses Adornments


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