In the previous post I had shown only the paper roses, but now I bring to you the complete set with other adornments as a part of the decoration.So using just the flowers is extremely simple and elegant but using them in the way I have displayed below enhances your gift to a great extent. Rumgin’s Craft sells the whole set as a package too. So one can simply pick the whole set and stick it on to the present or like in this case over the bags we are using to give away the presents!!!


So the wait is over…This is how I would decorate the bags. Like I had mentioned in the previous post of Golden Polka Handbags  I have completed the the look of bags in this post. A combination of golden and pink is what I decided with the golden being used in the polka over handbags and also in a mesh behind the roses just like you can see.. Green leaf adds brightness to the whole look..And the best part is the dark pink tag attached below which you can see is being used to write a simple message for the person receiving the gift.. Isn’t it unique in its own way??





Now the gifts are ready, one does not need to wrap them with a paper or ribbons. All you need is one of these bags and a rose set to enhance the look. This whole concept has been designed by me and appreciated by a lot of people. Do let us know what you think of it…



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