Earrings Organization

Jewellery Org Pic3

Like we had promised, we continue to bring to you some cheap and DIY ideas of organizing stuff at home. If you all remember we had mentioned in our last post of organizing of hair tic tacs that we will be bringing soon one whole section on organizing and decorating in our website Ginsdesk which is to be launched in 2014.

Till then we bring to you another unique idea of organizing your earrings. The pics are self explanatory of how this was executed. However just to give you a brief description about it, this is what we did. The most important aspect is to use bright colored card stock and not just the normal printing paper as it will tear off. Bright color pops out and makes it easy to see the earrings. One can take any size they want. Fold it into half and start punching from one corner to the other while the paper is folded. Then unfold the paper and  punch  only the lower part, again from one corner to the other.. There you are , you have it ready!!

Note:- the reason we fold and then punch holes is because by doing so we get two punched holes one below the other and then we are able to hang one single pair in a way that out of the two one earring will be placed on the upper hole and another on the lower one. Reason we do this is because we need to reduce clutter and make it more easily visible. This also helps us keep track, if at all any part is missing.

The elaborate display like this is extremely handy and makes it easy to pick and go when in a hurry. Also it gets way more easy to choose and match with your attire when in display

Jewellery Org Pic1

Jewellery Org Pic4

Jewellery Org Pic2

Please share with us your comments on how you like the idea,  also if you all have any other such ideas in mind 😀

Thanks a ton for reading and stay warm!!!


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